Sunday, July 27, 2014

Moving on up... the East side. <cue The Jeffersons theme song> More like, moving down the hall. With some of my students transferring to other teacher's caseloads and/or general ed home rooms, I too, will be moving. Out of my rather large Kindergarten classroom and into a more suitable classroom for this coming year as a K/1 combination class. Working Extended School Year right around the corner, I was able to get into my room and take a few photos before building services began working on the floors and hallways. I've bounced several ideas around in my head regarding classroom set-up given what I learned worked or more importantly, didn't work this previous year. I managed to snap some photos and am eager to get in later this week and start setting things up.

One thing I'm completely sure of is my theme: a Finding Nemo-inspired underwater escape. The luxury of having some of the same students again this year and my own love for the film will make this an exciting retreat from typical classrooms (I hope)!

How about you? Are your dreading the return to school or are you eager to get back into your classroom, or have already?

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